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Bandom Video Finders

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Lost a video? We'll help you find it.

Welcome to bandomvidfind If you've lost a video of a band, we'll help you find it!

Find your lost bandom videos

In a similar vein to all the fic search communities out there we are here to help you find that pesky video you just can't find.
Ryan and Jon's NME videos? The infamous "Jason" Fall Out Boy interview? Gerard getting a hamster cage in Life on the Murder Scene? That one fan video you just can't remember? Someone can surely help you find it.

Just a few simple rules:
1) This is a community for finding videos within Bandom and sharing      videos you think we should see.
     Posting is moderated just to keep everything nice and tidy,
     don't worry about tagging the mods are happy to do that for you.

2)  You may post any of the following to find your video.
     a) As detailed of a description as you can
     b) A .gif of the video you'd like to find.
     c) A few screen caps from the video you'd like to find.
     (more than one and anything wider than 400 pix put under an
     LJ-Cut please)

3)  Feel free to request video or audio rips from a specific video,
     but please friends lock such posts. **Also include the format you'd
     like the audio/video to be (mp3, mp4, avi etc)***
     A list of sites you can use are here

4)  No more than 5 requests per post please, just to keep it easy
     to search.

5)  Vague descriptions such as "Any live video of Mad As Rabbits, please"
     won't be let through the queue, however asking for "Live Mad As
from XXX gig/date" will be allowed.

6)  Please do check for your self first. We use both tags and
     the memories so check each band's tag or memory list first please.
     Also The first page of the community and a quick
     youtube search can find plenty.

7)  Any Bandom band goes especially:

The Academy Is...
The All-American Rejects
The Cab
Cobra Starship
Fall Out Boy
Forever The Sickest Kids
The Hush Sound
Gym Class Heroes
Metro Station
My Chemical Romance
Panic at the Disco
Phantom Planet
We The Kings
The White Tie Affair

Please tell us if we've missed any.

8)  The FAQ and Rules are Here also includes a list of resources
     you can check first.

9)  Most of all mind your manners and be civil. A please and thank you
     are great when someone's looking for something for you.

Find your lost bandom videos

Find your lost bandom videos



If you'd like to affiliate drop us a comment on this post

Thanks i_am_tre for the lovely layout.

The mods are here to help,
don't hesitate to drop us a line.

email: spencypants@yahoo.co.uk
aim: spencypantslove

email: marauder_bex@yahoo.co.uk
aim: urievaldez